Join A Winning Team In One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In America!

We are a can do people with over eight (8) years of comprehensive and authoritative knowledge concerning tax law/code and IRS regulations.

A Humble History…

Building a dream from modest beginnings. In 2006, with a strong desire to establish self-employment, we sought to initiate a business that would survive a down economy. The choice was made to purchase a local franchise (Colbert/Ball Tax Services).

Within a two (2) year span of time, our growth and experience was put to the pavement with the initiation of what has now become a company with eight (8) years of industry leading experience.

Our mission and message is to help small companies succeed in one of America’s most lucrative enterprises. 2009 was the year that America suffered some of it’s darkest days since the Great Depression.

Not so at Tax Solutions LLC. In fact, in the years 2008-2012 we experienced tremendous growth. Proving that the tax industry is in fact a recession proof enterprise. We imagined a company providing comprehensive services to low to middle class markets, and with $15,000 borrowed from an investor, we set forth to make a dream a reality. The business was profitable the first year, netting $250,000 in profit.

The business changed in 2009 when the decision was made to expand the company beyond Houston’s borders. Tax Solutions opened it’s first franchised extension in the acclaimed city of Dallas, Texas. The growth continues with 5 new perspective offices/locations slated to open in the year of 2014 alone in the states of Tennessee, Texas, and North Carolina.

Hispanic Market

At our home office in Houston, we have a clientele base that is 83% hispanic. With this experience, we have gained the knowledge necessary to be successful across cultural barriers.

Unique Selling Proposition

Our USP is quite simple. We solve all of your tax problems. That’s Our Guarantee. That’s our solution.

Franchise Cost

$7500 (One of the lowest initial investments in the industry.)

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